An absolute game changer.

Introducing “Coercion”, a dynamic waveshaper designed to explore the uncharted territories of sonic manipulation. With a selection of 10 distinct modules, you have the flexibility to craft a limitless amount of unique audio distortion chains, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Alternatively, streamline the process with our curated presets for instant digital transformation. Coercion empowers you to sculpt your sound effortlessly, providing the tools you need to shape your audio with precision and innovation.


Only some of you get to change.

Choose which levels of the incoming signal are affected.


You will conform.

Incoming signals are normalized to a defined target.


Forcibly controlled.

Map four macros to sculpt your sound.


Exercise complete control.

Your world, how you expect it.



Nine distortion modes crush your sound into submission.


No creativity.

75 low effort presets just for you.